About Us

Xi'an Huiling Staff

Started in Guangzhou in 1990, Huiling is an NGO and focused on the service for mental disabilities. Huiling means wise and ingenious. So far it has branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Xi 'an, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Changsha, Qinghai, Lanzhou, Wanzhou, Shangluo and other cities.

Xi 'an Huiling service station was established in August, 2002, using the professional skills of social work, promoting community service model in Xi 'an and the surrounding areas, paying attention to the survival and development of mental disabilities, improving their quality of life. It has become a platform for many social work majors of domestic university to practice their abilities.

In service, Huiling adhere to the concept of the normalization. The service points scattered in different communities, not showing its "outstanding", but trying to be "normal".

Vision: Intellectual disabilities equally participate in community construction, sharing social civilization achievements!

Mission: To promote community service mode and improve the quality of the intellectual disabilities' life!


  • Train the ability of mental disabilities to live independently, let them be like ordinary people enjoy the pleasure of social networking, entertainment, training and employment.
  • Correctly guide the public to know mentally retarded problems, create "equal opportunity, equal participation" social environment for mental disabilities.
  • To provide professional social work of students to promote the development of the social work in China.
  • Through the establishment of a good demonstration effect of the operation of the organization and other organizations share the successful experience in China, promoting the progress of the nonprofit sector.