How to Help

1. Donation

The source of finance mainly comes from three parts: tuition fee from families, donation from enterprises in China and donation from overseas.

We really appreciate your donation and spend every penny to our students.

Donation information:

Opening Bank: Xi'an Branch of Bank of China on North Street

Account: 102 008 714 855 (for CNY)

Account: 103 613 059 709 (for Euro)

2. Volunteer service

Fixed (direct) service: participating the day or evening services for students regularly from Monday to Friday every week.

Temporary (indirect) service: translating, processing profiles, collecting resources (information), promoting, fundraising and so on.

3. Project support:

Founding Huiling institution by founding projects, such as subsidizing part of the charges for a poor special person for a period, purchasing the required items, or supporting a daily expense and so on. A fixed sum is for a fixed purpose. The related information will be published in Xi'an Huiling official website.

4. Purchasing the handmade products by the disabled

You can order or sell the products made by the intellectual disabled, including handmade paper-cut, handmade pendant, bracelet, fridge magnets, gouache, oil painting, ceramic ware and so on. Online store is also feasible.

5. Providing jobs

Providing jobs without much flexibility or communication, such as cleaning, washing the car, tallying the supermarket, etc.