What We Do

• The Service of Daytime Activities

Taking use of the community resources, such as markets, supermarkets, parks, schools, net bars, KTVs, libraries, living communities and so on, we organize the outdoor group activities and individual counseling service for the mentally disabled to help them learn the common sense and skills, improve their abilities of self-care and independence ,and let them adapt to the community life.

• Pre-service training service

Through the evaluation of vocational adaptability of retarded teenagers and adults; we should make pre-service individual training plan for their design and pay attention to the influence between the trainer and training situation and so on. Meanwhile we should pay attention to cultivate students' personality, work attitude, interpersonal relationship and comprehensive skills.

• Our protected employment service

We will offer shelter employment service to 18 years of age who have a demand of intellectual disabilities. Sheltered workshops service around 30 intellectual disabilities, now including five studios: manual, paper cutting, painting, pottery and product packing, etc. Sheltered workshops are committed to provide transitional employment training to people with intellectual disabilities and assist the regularity of life and work habits in the training, learning of the general requirements, developing the social skills and interpersonal relations to increase job satisfaction of intellectual disabilities.

Intellectual disabilities make products through studio, the following several ways of business

  1. Self-marketing: painting, oil painting, hand catenaries, ceramic products; they are sold to the public in love.
  2. Cooperating with universities, organizations, enterprises: with their merits, a commission basis or business order, they will build their marking mode.
  3. Satellite works: intellectual disabilities are engaged in product processing to earn money by the raw materials, parts and manufacturing technology which was provided by enterprise and using the space and human resource, which was provided by sheltered workshops; meanwhile, institutions focus on the production management and production technical guidance of intellectual disabilities. For example the asylum factories are engaged in a one-time aviation crystal tableware packaging.

• Supporting employment service

To support the intellectual disabilities to meet the needs of ordinary enterprises and institutions of employment, employment counselor from the development work, employment plan, accompanied by employment, salary negotiations, etc., as a case to provide 2-3 months of continued support, let it to adapt to the working situation and working skills.

Xian Huiling exploring effective employment intellectual disabilities made a long-term investigation and exploration work, starting from the development direction of property clean, after get the support of local individual property, successively undertook the lotus lake area, good home hotel, disabled persons' federation building please view Minneapolis community, community and world vision xi 'an office light cleaning and cleaning work, 22 students arranges obtain employment, employment counselor four people.

• The evening community family services

Evening community family service is one of the features of Huiling service, the service for people with intellectual disabilities to provide a safe and comfortable living environment, to enhance their ability in dealing with people and independent life, cultivate personal interests at the same time, the better for your health life habit. Every family has a family counselor, tutor of no more than 6 "family members", in the process of living together, students share housework, share the bitter and the sweet in life. Xi 'an Huiling existing nine night accommodation family, distributed in different communities. The fusion without remarkable.

• The art of conditioning service

The use of music, drama, art creation, and choreography of various forms of activities, help people with intellectual disabilities and build good personality pattern, make them become more cheerful, confident in personality, get new experience in spirit. So as to improve the physical and mental state, at present, Xi'an Huiling has been established art center, opened a conditioning pottery studio, studio, studio, handmade paper-cut painting studio. The studio services development, constantly excavate the mentally disabled art potential and inspire people with intellectual disabilities creation potential. Every year regularly carry out people with intellectual disabilities art exhibition, auction and other activities to show the works of people with intellectual disabilities.

• The student sponsored service

Student sponsorship gold Shihui spirit specifically for people with intellectual disabilities to help poor families to get appropriate services and the establishment of the relief fund. In the Huiling to accept the service of people with intellectual disabilities if family difficulties, can apply to institutions, verified, and find the appropriate donors after provide varying amounts of funding for it, so that it does not lose accept the community service opportunities because of economic problems. You can choose a monthly subsidy, six months or a year funded form with information, we will be ready to and for the financing, and submit the report to ensure funding, funding information is true and effective.

• Parent--supporting services

Parent--training course: regularly organize parents to conduct communication and parties for improving their ways of looking after and educating children and reducing the pressure of family members led by long---term care.

• Parent Committee

It was established by Xian Huiling, 2012, and it set up the parent---supporting platform and parent's right—protecting group, established the dialogue mechanism between parent and government to help family express its voice. Meanwhile, it also provides the service of consultation, tutorship and referral for family members with mentally disabled.