Project manager 1

Job description:

1. Assist the project director to expand the project. After the project is established, coordinate the organization of the project. When the Huiling Foundation multi-project runs, coordinate the departments and resources to ensure that the project can be carried out efficiently and orderly, and the case will be closed as scheduled. Establish project communication mechanisms, project implementation and supervision mechanisms to provide guidance for project implementation.

2. Multi-project implementation management, monitoring and coordination: Responsible for project operation and management of project establishment, landing implementation, settlement evaluation, etc., cooperation on project resources integration, project cooperation and balance coordination;

3. Revise the project management, supervision system and operation mechanism: participate in and be responsible for formulating the project implementation mechanism, project information collection system, project supervision and management process, project management reporting system, etc., and provide guidance for the implementation of local projects; Development: Insight into industry changes, understanding trends in relevant public interest areas, and participating in research and analysis of topics. Participate in the preliminary research and planning of the new expansion project to assess the operation and feasibility. Assist and be responsible for project design and application of less than 1 million.

4. Responsible for the execution of other tasks assigned by the superior: participation and responsibility for the execution and coordination of sudden and temporary tasks

job requirements:

Core Competency Requirements: Have a high sense of identity with Huiling's service mission, vision and values; have strong communication skills, organizational and coordination skills, and innovative learning ability; strong sense of responsibility, open mind, self-motivation, flexibility, and flexibility Have a pioneering spirit. Can be quickly integrated into the institutional culture;

Bachelor degree, social work or management major is preferred;

Can carry out their work independently and on time;

More than 2 years of relevant work experience, good at exploring, integrating and utilizing resources; rich cross-departmental cooperation experience and project cooperation resources are preferred;

Excellent written writing skills in both Chinese and English;

Adapt to business trips and be able to take on certain work pressures.

Familiar with the use of office software excel, word, ppt and other software

Salary is negotiable, the treatment is excellent ~!

Contact: Manager Li (Personnel)

Tel: 020-83579230