Join Us

1. You can apply to join if you have the following conditions:

1) The client is over 16 years old

2) Service team of 5 or more

3) Established for more than half a year

4) Registered people are not registered or are not registered

5) Identify the purpose and philosophy of Huiling Service.

6) Accept the management of Huiling Group (see the Huiling Group Management Document Collection).

7) Willing to pay the brand construction fee, annual management fee, etc.

Second, apply to join the program:

1) Submit the application for joining (Annex 22-1)

2) Huiling Headquarters will send a site visit (the fee will be borne by the applicant)

3) Provide financial statements for the last 6 months and the most recent audit report

4) Determine whether to join

5) Pay the brand construction fee (200,000-100,000 yuan. If there are special circumstances, you can negotiate)

6) Sign the franchise agreement

Third, the support of the Huiling Group headquarters to the affiliates:

   1) Authorize free use of standardized community service manuals

   2) Authorized use of Huiling's trademarks and brands

   3) Free use of website groups designed and maintained by China Huiling

   4) Provide a reasonable and standardized management system and standard tools

   5) Sharing national and international resources and projects

   6) Provide domestic and international resources support

   7) Provide various types of databases built by Huiling Group.

   8) Opportunity to provide support for student aid funds

   9) Providing legal support

   10) Provide solutions to difficult problems

   11) Provide training systems, tools and on-site supervision services (free supervision fee)

   12) Assist the organization to train 2--3 service supervisors (trainers), conduct TOT training for half a year and ensure quality

   13) Each year, you can participate in 2 trainings organized by the Huiling Group, each training for not less than 16 hours.

   14) Establish a domestic and foreign exchange learning platform for institutions

   15) Conduct on-site service assessment, analysis and improvement programs for the organization

   16) Assist in handling services, institutional security, financial security and other crises

   17) Assist in joint promotion (national large-scale event planning)

   18) Provide training support and supervision for colleagues in the Regional Development Department

   19) Actively recommend excellent projects to domestic and foreign partners


Attachment: Establishing the new Huiling pre-work guide

● Survey of parents (student) and community members:

1 There are statistics on the number of parents with mentally handicapped children. There are telephones at the address (persons with intellectual disabilities over 16 years of age, not less than 15 in the first batch)

2 The story of helping the disabled in the community and the atmosphere of public welfare activities

● Survey of community resource distribution:

1 Distribution of educational facilities: various educational units, such as schools, schools and schools

2 Distribution of medical facilities: nearby hospitals and various medical rehabilitation institutions

3 Government: For example, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Disabled Persons' Federation Street and the community's work on civil service organizations, etc.

4 Distribution of civil service agencies: service agencies for the disabled, services for the elderly and other types of service agencies

5 Professional resources: such as special education, social work, administrative management, etc. Full-time or part-time personnel possibility

6 Volunteer resources: such as neighbors, college students, retirees and other enthusiastic people (religious members of all religions)

7 Sub-district Office: Is there a “community service center”, whether the director and the civil affairs commissioner and the neighborhood committee support or express cooperation?

8 Type of business: distribution and economic benefits as well as public welfare input attitude

● Looking for a service venue

1 Convenient transportation (convenient for students to travel daily, so that enthusiasts can find us, but do not need to cross the road to ensure the safety of the students)

2 Daytime activity stations (groups) generally have an area of more than 100 square meters; "family services" require a spacious two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment. There are venues for activities such as the Street Park nearby.

3 The rent is low, accounting for 10% of the service point expenses, controlled within 20%, and signed for at least 3 years. It is best to have a free venue provided by the government community.

4 Peripheral residents' acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities

5 Fill in the pre-site survey form (Annex 18-2)

● Basic requirements for registration:

Is there any government department that is willing to be the “business executive”; how much is the registered capital?


● Specific needs and expectations of people with intellectual disabilities and parents (including the burden of fees)

Attach the application form