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Huiling website opens “home class”, 28 years of se

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In the 1980s, Ms. Meng Weina, the founder of Huiling, established the first Huiling Special School and the Adult Mentally Retarded Service in Guangzhou. Nowadays, Huiling has developed into a nationwide comprehensive service organization, which is dotted around 80 different communities in 19 provinces. According to the needs of people with mental retardation at different ages, it is for children and adolescents over 3 years old. Adults with mental disorders provide appropriate services.

The Huiling Mentally Handicapped Foundation of Guangdong Province was established in October 2013 to support more rehabilitation services and public welfare projects through social resource integration, professional support, and talent cultivation. We adhere to the most basic and minimal services, and we are also committed to promoting the development of the industry to influence the soundness and perfection of social-related policies. opens an online class.

Provide a learning platform,

Not only can you realize your feelings,

Can also meet your training needs.

Are you still confused?

In an era of developed Internet,

People can get the most effective information and professional support in a more convenient and cost-effective way.

Huiling integrates years of service experience into an electronic manual and shares it with peers through online resource platforms.

Online Classroom + Service Management Manual =?

 give you the answer


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